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Everything You Need
to Automate The Marketing of Your
Global Online Enterprise

Power, Reach, Value, Flexibility and Simplicity

SupaClix helps you make money faster and gives you more time to do things you enjoy.

SupaClix is a special Marketing System for MLM Distributors Affiliates who want to automate their online marketing efforts to maximize financial returns.

SupaClix is a suite of professional online and offline marketing tools used to convert prospects into customers or business associates.

Built around proven Funnel Marketing principles, SupaClix delivers more prospects, customers and business associates than you could do if you tried to do it alone.

Build a list of prospects in minutes not days or even weeks. There's nothing to do except drive people to your site (and we even teach you how to do that)

When you use the SupaClix system you can make a fortune online with almost nothing to learn!

Systems like SupaClix used to cost hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month. NOW you can get SupaClix for only a few dollars per month... with no contracts!

There's even a FREE version to try out the system. The only limitations are reduced landing page choices, the number of prospects you can store and the quantity of emails the system can automatically send on your behalf.

Simply upgrade when your business grows or you need more capacity!

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Funnel Marketing Magic!

A Landing (Squeeze/Capture) Page is typically the first point of contact with your prospect. With SupaClix you can choose from a large selection of landing pages to suit your target market.

SupaClix is Mobile Friendly. It works on PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones.

A typical landing Page has an short video to initially attract your prospect. If they are interested in the content then they are asked to complete a short form with their name and contact details.

Upon submission of the form they are directed to further information. As the owner of the site YOU immediately get their contact details sent to you by email so you can call or email them as you wish.

Every landing page has its own Dedicated Followup Autoresponder sequence to keep your prospect aware, awake or informed of the story you are telling. Written by professional copywriters, you are assured of the best possible results.

The integrated Contact Manager is directly connected to the Email Campaign Manager so you will always know how you acquired your prospect and their current status.

SupaClix also connects with all your CCN websites, personal contact details and social media resources so your prospect is always just a click or tap away.

There's no re-inventing the wheel. SupaClix pages are built by online marketers with many years of experience, so you get the best possible results.

Like any good business you also get training and mentoring to maximize your returns. All with a minimum of fuss and maximum impact.

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Generic, Opportunity, Company or Product Focus

Choose from a large selection of landing/squeeze pages to suit YOUR opportunity or or product that you are marketing. Your account lets you use as many landing/squeeze pages as available to you on your plan. Choose the ones that suit YOU.

And if YOUR company or product is not currently available we can produce a suite of landing pages for you in just a few days.

One Account - Multiple Opportunities

Do you market more than one opportunity/company? You only need ONE account to support multiple opportunities.

Every opportunity has its own Campaign Manager with its own Contact Manager and Autoresponder Manager. You will always know how you acquired your prospect and their current status.

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Sample Squeeze Pages & Sites

Sample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Sample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Sample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Sample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages
Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages
Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages
Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages
Sample Squeeze/Landing PagesSample Squeeze/Landing Pages

Live Sample Pages and Sites

Please note that the sites below require specific personal data to be fully functional. Use them as a guide only. If you are viewing this page because you were referred by an associate then you will most likely have already seen the squeeze page(s) for that opportunity or company. There is an extraordinary number of pages already available (and you can make your own too) The variations are almost unlimited.

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Subscriber Plans

Join as a Member for free to get basic and limited functionality to test the system. Use it for as long as you want without cost.

There are FIVE plan choices with increasing functionality or capacity.

You can upgrade at any time (once logged in) to receive more functionality (or to become an affiliate). You can also downgrade, suspend or cancel your account at at any time but be aware that you may lose certain functions that you have grown used to or your limits may have reduced (or commissions lost).

By the way... account charges are prepaid (in advance) for the upcoming calendar month (on your plan's anniversary) with no refunds.

Subscriber Plan *
Setup Fee (FREE)
Monthly Plan Fee
Subscription Period
Multi-Website Manager
Multiple Business Opportunities from One System
Personalised CCN Capture Pages
Personalised Generic Capture Pages
Personalised Contact Page with Photo
Smartphone & Tablet Friendly (Responsive)
Prospect Visit Notification
Prospect Enquiry Form
Real-Time User Management
Social Media Integration
Advanced Email Campaign Manager
Build & Maintain Your Own Lists of Prospects & Contacts
Multiple Email Autoresponder Campaigns
Manually Add Leads to Campaigns
Max Emails per Autoresponder Sequence
Max Contacts per Campaign
Max Email Broadcasts per Campaign per Month
Import Leads to Announcement Campaign
Edit Your Own Email Autoresponders
Share Email Campaigns & Autoresponders
Opened HTML Email Notification
Restart Email Campaigns
Advanced Contact Search
Share Contacts & Prospects
Communications & Social Media Integration
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube & AddThis Integration
Net2MAX/OzTell Integration
Skype Integration
Links to YOUR Company Replicated Pages
Customize Your More Info Links
Support & Training
Live Audio & Video Conference & Webinar Training
24/7 Screencast, Webinar & Conference Replays
Email/Support Ticket Support
Forum & Wiki Support
Phone Support
Affiliate Program
6 Levels of Affiliate Rewards
Only 1 Customer to Qualify
Export Affiliate Team Data
Broadcast Email to Team
Export Financial Data
Paid to Your PayPal Account
Request Commission or Leave in Account
Pay Your Subscription with Commissions

* PREM = Premium Plan, AFF = Affiliate Program

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White Label Systems and Affiliate Plans

As a white label system is where you specify the system setup (within certain parameters of course). All setup and operating prices are therfore NEGOTIABLE. It all depends on what you want in YOUR system.

We can even do a profit share or affiliate model if you so desire. Contact Us for more details.

Services, options and plan pricing may vary according to the company you are promoting and the complexity of your system and support requirements.

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- Prices include GST for Australian Subscribers
Some functions require an active Net2MAX/SmartFone account
- Enquire about Custom & White Label Versions of this marketing system & fully customisable websites

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